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The Mad Mermaid
After being careful for several days, I just accidentally leaned my forearm on something and popped my disgusting burn blister. On the same subject, I realized this afternoon that now that my shoulders aren't red anymore, the skin is sloughing off and I have tons of tiny blisters. I feel like such an idiot for getting a sunburn, and now I have to go to the dermatologist tomorrow with evidence of my shame.

PPJ has decided that she has to use my computer to watch Spongebob videos, which makes it hard to post. I am using my work iPad, but even with this keyboard that they got with it, it still kind of sucks. Esp because it is mac so the keys are in slightly different places. The iPad was such a waste of money. The only thing I use it for is fun or to let PPJ play with it.

Speaking of money, I am starting to worry about money again. Since I am in school, I got some extra financial aid on top of my actual tuition, and so it had given me a nice cushion. But the program I am in is revamping so that people go through in "co-horts" instead of just taking whatever they want, and so this fall they are only offering one of the three classes I need. With that and the internship I am doing, I should still get aid to cover the tuition but I might not get extra... so it will be back to beans and rice. I did get a little bit of a raise (not anywhere near enough to cover my bascially doing the job of a teacher and the job of an administrator at the same time) but I don't think it's enough to make a difference. With all of the medical stuff going on with PPJ I am a little nervous.

The waiver case manager came today. She was a lot nicer than the other person. She said it will be about 4 to 6 years before she gets services. That is still idiotic, but at least it's not ten years.

Thinking about money made me sad. So I'm going to go play Sims.
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