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True Confessions
The Mad Mermaid
I never thought Tom Cruise was at all interesting when he was a young, wholesome guy, but now that he's old and creepy I kind of dig him. I feel ashamed.

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He's a little too creepy for me, but whatever works for you. I have celebrities I'm ashamed to admit I like too. I'd give examples, but this post is unlocked... XD

This made me laugh, because my cursor hovered over the friends only option for a long time when I posted this entry.... but I decided to be manful and own up to my creepy Tom Cruise love. I didn't mention that I keep ogling stuff from Rock of Ages though. That was too much for me at the time. ;)

I'm probably going to see that, for what it's worth. He may be something of a tool but it looks like a ton of cheesy fun.

I want to see it, but I know IRL nobody will want to and I don't want to tell them why I want to see it. Too bad we live so far apart!!!!!

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