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The Mad Mermaid
I should be asleep but I am having trouble getting there. PPJ fell asleep for most of the evening, and I didn't wake her because I was sewing. I made her teachers and assistants aprons for their end of the year presents. I have been working on them on and off for several weeks and I really wanted to get them done today because school ends soon. I think they turned out pretty well. I will post pics of them; I tried to take some earlier but my phone was so dead it wouldn't let me use the camera function.

Anyway, that means that now PPJ is reciting some Aesop fable in a weird voice and has this really stupid Spongebob music video playing on repeat, so it's hard to fall asleep.

Last week was really stressful because I was busy at work and summer classes started, but also because PPJ had an eye doctor appt. Her regular doctor referred her awhile back and it's been looming in my mind because taking her to the doctor is always so terrible and I couldn't imagine how they would look at her eyes. So, I spent a lot of the week frazzled and trying not to think about it but really always thinking about it. I did call them the day before to talk to the nurse and she was reassuring, and the appointment on Friday ended up going really well. I wrote PPJ a social story about where we were going and what would happen (really short, like "We are going to the eye doctor. He will check my eyes. He will look at them with a light. He might put drops in them. It won't hurt. No shots! When we are done we get ice cream!") and as soon as she read it, she started to cry a little. The drive was long though and she fell asleep on the way. Then when we got there we read it again and she was really good and didn't even cry when we went in, which is what usually happens at a doctor's. She sang the whole time, but there's nothing I can do to stop her from doing that.

Anyway, since it was a pediatric eye doctor, all the tests were really fun or easy to get her to do without a lot of instructions, and the staff was really nice. She got 20/20 on the vision test so they didn't even dilate her eyes. They said come back in four years, just for a check up. It was all in all a much more pleasant experience than I had thought it would be.

I did end up buying Lone Survivor and so I played that some this weekend. I really like it so far, and though I haven't found it scary per se, it is very eerie and I find myself thinking about it a lot. The protagonist reminds me of James a little, in that I am not sure that he really knows what is going on; whenever he encounters other characters they don't seem to have any idea what he's referring to when he talks about the devastation and disease he sees. I am interested to see where the game goes.

In other developments since my last post, I have been trying to exercise. It's not much, but I have a workout dvd and have at least done the ab/thigh part every other day. Some days I am more ambitious and do the arm/butt part too, but when I tried to do this cardio thing on the off day, I was really very bad at it. I am not at all coordinated and to get my legs to do something takes all my concentration and then my arms aren't doing whatever, etc. Anyway, I want to get to the point that I can do the little ten minute things without huffing like a dying hippo. Although when I lay on the floor or get on all fours, sometimes PPJ thinks that I am playing with her and runs and throws herself on me and I think huffing is okay then. Let me say that doing a push up isn't any easier with a seven year old on your back trying to grab your boobs, even if she is in the <1%ile for weight. Also let that be a lesson that you shouldn't let your baby hold your breasts when they are little and feeding, because even if it doesn't annoy you then, sometimes they don't grow out of it and after seven years the random boob squeezing grows old.

Well, it looks like the boob squeezer is mostly asleep now, so I am going to post this rambling mess and try to head that way myself.


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