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The Mad Mermaid
I keep thinking, "I need to post on my journal." Then something else happens and I don't do it and then I think again that I should post. Nothing big or exciting, just normal life crap. The end of the school year is coming up and there's always tons of crap to wrap up and meetings to be had, end of the year testing, and then I had a bunch of crap to do for finals. Now I have a couple weeks before summer classes start. I've also been sewing aprons for PPJ's teachers and assistants as end of the year gifts. It hasn't been too bad but I miscalculated how much rickrack I needed to decorate them so I now I have to get back to the fabric store so I can finish them. I will try to remember to take pics before I give them all away.

Random thing I discovered lately that disturbed me: That one of the kindergarteners at my school has seen the movie The Strangers. That shit gave me nightmares, and he's six. Let me tell you, you can't imagine how fucked up some people are and what they think is normal and ok for little kids to see/do/know.

My house is a mess and it's stressing me out. But I hate cleaning. So now it's a war between hating it being dirty and hating feeling like a failure and hating cleaning. Hating cleaning is winning. I even told my sister I would pay her to clean and she (as an unemployed college kid) refused. That's how badly that hatred runs in the veins of my family.

Ok, I obviously have nothing of real value to impart to the internet at this time. What's going on with all y'all?


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