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This is stupid.
The Mad Mermaid
So, I have a Kindle DX that is a couple years old. Not sure about the model or whatever; it was a gift. It's early though, probably the first one. I have it because my mom is a Kindle freak. She gave me her old original kindle when she got a newer one, and then she got the DX and didn't like it so she gave it to me. (It's the one that is really large.) It has been good to me and I hadn't had any issues with it until the last four months, say, and it will reset itself periodically.

Well, since my mom is a Kindle freak, she got one of the new cheap Kindles to test it out. It has a touch screen but no keyboard and you have to use your own wifi. (My DX has mysterious Amazon connection that comes built in.) She wasn't able to get the wifi working properly, so when I was over there on Easter, she told me to take it and see if it worked with ours. It did (my stepdad has his wireless set up in this ridiculous, convoluted way that he insists is necessary to keep it secure but really just seems to make it hard to use, so I assumed from the first that it was that and not the Kindle).

I told my mom it was working fine, and so she told me I could keep it if I wanted it. Being a Kindle freak, she sees nothing wrong with owning a million of them, and she had mentioned before that I might want to buy a cheap one to carry with me since the DX is so large. The new one is less than half its size, and I will admit that if the DX is in my bag and I go grocery shopping or something, it does get heavy. However, I find something really anxiety producing about the whole scenario... I don't want to choose between the two. I have an irrational affection for the DX, and there are pro's and con's to both models. I could keep both, but then I find something stressful about the thought of having two Kindles but having DIFFERENT BOOKS on each one. It's making me set my teeth as I even type it. Basically I have been reading off both them for the past week and putting off a decision. (Because since the little one isn't really mine, it doesn't matter if the books aren't the same.)

Otherwise, the weekend has been OK. Friday at work was bad. I had several stressful meetings, and the main office finally decided to put out this emergency bulletin detailing how bad the funding for school is and what will need to be cut. I think that's pretty poor planning to do that at the end of work on a Friday. It really put me in a foul frame of mind, and then yesterday I had a really bad headache that I couldn't shake. I feel a bit better today, but I want to read a book and that's making me obsess about the whole kindle thing. Maybe I will play a game instead. Avoidance is an art.


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