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Hey, I still remember the HTML to insert pictures.
The Mad Mermaid
I should be going to sleep instead of posting, because I am really tired which is making me overly emo. But I am doing that thing where you don't go to bed for no apparent reason, I guess mostly so you can regret it in the morning and wonder why you did it and say you won't again when you totally will.

First, I just discovered, although it's apparently several years old, that someone redid Silent Hill 2 as an 8-bit game called Soundless Mountain II. It is a free download so I started playing it and it is so far completely how I remember the original. Only flat.

This also led me to the discovery of a new survival horror 8-bit by the same guy called Lone Survivor. It's getting great reviews so I want to try it. However, it looks like it might be a little sad or intense, and I don't know if I should go there right now (See: emo). Also, I am playing Bioshock 2 at the moment, so I think I will wait on it.

Speaking of which, I suck a dick at 3D games. I am terrible at Bioshock 2, and the only consolation I have is that I am marginally better than my sister. So far my limited combat skills have been enough to get by without excelling and hopefully they will continue to be adequate as the game progresses, but since we aren't really even into anything too tough I have doubts.

I also had a panic attack over a giant shark at one point and had to take an extended break. I have an irrational fear of being eaten by an oversize undersea predator. Fortunately, since I will never go under the sea, unless my plan to be buried at sea happens and then I'll be dead anyway, it's a pretty irrelevant fear to have for a land person and doesn't influence my life to any large extent. However, in a game environment where a giant shark could actually threaten your character's well-being, it does have an impact. I'm even almost sure that it was purely a visual effect and wouldn't get my Big Daddy, but I didn't even want to look at it.

Ok. I am giving in and going to bed since I have to be in super early tomorrow.


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