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Time flies...
The Mad Mermaid
but I wouldn't say I've been only having fun.

The spring is always a busy time for me because for many reasons, that's when I end up having a lot of special education evaluations. (For STUDENTS, not for me, ha ha ha.) It's a paperwork intensive process that I helm and I also perform a lot of the testing and observations. I think I have about eight pending at my school. My desk looked like a Hoarders explosion so before I went on my long weekend I spent the day cleaning it and organizing my files. I came up with a little form to make it easier; usually I just have a folder with 100 post it's on the inside reminding me of what to do next. However, I realized the post it's are always the same, so I just made a half-page form where I can write the information about who needs to be sent what papers and stapled it to the folder instead.

Now I just have to get two kids tested in three days when I get back from break. :/ I'm ahead on all the others though. Aside from testing, work has been crazy in other ways. There's a lot of political drama as the state can't settle its budget. Whatever the budget is, they still aren't giving the county enough money. Then the county has to give the school board money and it's looking millions short, so the school system is in dire straits. Teachers came out to a meeting about a tax increase at the local level in support last week, and it was awful. It was a public address so any douchebag that could write their name or call the number could speak their piece and the Tea Party and Occupy weirdos were out in full force.

I grew up in a more metropolitan area where the military was a large presence. I love living in the mountains, and I don't ever go back to the area I'm from because it's all sprawl and crime. However, sometimes I lose sight of the fact that many local people here are, to be frank and somewhat unkind, totally ignorant and basically white trash or red necks. Seriously, these are the people you read about on the news that think the UN is taking over. What the UN is going to do with a county full of people with no teeth who only own overalls and never graduated from high school, I'm not sure, but there you go.

Ok, whatever, I get a long weekend for Easter so I don't want to think about work. What else? I have been playing this ridiculous fish sim called Fish Tycoon. However, PPJ comes behind me and sells off the fish I am trying to breed and restarts the game so that's frustrating. I finally finished the Nightmare At Sea hidden object game I was playing. The end was good, so I don't know if I was just burned out on HOGs when I quit before or if the beginning was just weak. I played another one that I d/l'd called Campfire Legends: The Hookman. It was really stupid. Now, I don't expect every HOG to be novel quality, but I can overlook some plot holes if the game play is good. This had both. Graphically it was pretty, but it was the open type of game play where you have to look for objects everywhere and not just on cut scenes, and it was really not intuitive. Then the storyline was weak.

I would like to catch up on some tv shows over the weekend. I have a ton of stuff queued up on hulu and the last season of Who is on netflix now. However, I've been spending my time watching these ridiculous Harlequin movies. My sister got me this 3 DVD Harlequin movie collection for Christmas, and I was actually kind of miffed because it seemed lame. However, the other day I was drained and didn't have enough energy to DO anything or watch anything that required thought. I was also tired of watching the Golden Girls, which usually is my go-to for mindless comfort. The DVD's happened to be next to the player and I took a chance. They are not good, but I love them anyway. They are chock full of cheese and 80's stars like Emma Samms, Rick Springfield and Justine Bateman.

The clothes are so 90's. I guess it's a common thing to be attached to the fashion of your youth, but the berry lipstick, overall dresses, and slouch socks in one movie really made me nostalgic. It also made me realize how tight and low cut everything now is in comparison.


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