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The Mad Mermaid
I can't believe the weekend is over already..

Anyway, the birthday surprise went off well. My sister and I went to Target and got a tv stand after my husband went to work Friday evening (my mom had PPJ to spend the night.) The only problem was, they loaded it for me and when we got home, my sister was too feeble to help me bring it in. We parked the car on the other side of the yard and told my husband there were party supplies and don't look in it.
My husband ended up having an errand planned Saturday, so his friend was waiting nearby and drove over and helped me unload the tv stand and brought the tv. Then he called my husband and acted like he was just coming in to town and got him to go straight to a coffee shop to meet him. I said I would drive myself because I needed to shower and get dressed. So, we did all meet for awhile. Then, we went home and my husband got there first and saw the tv and stand with a bow and a sign that said happy birthday. He was shocked, I think.

The rest of the day was spent getting PPJ from grandma's house, listening to guys (our other friend came too) hook up the tv and troubleshoot hdmi cables and composite something somethings, and having an Indian dinner.

Today I haven't done much. I put a load of clothes in the laundry so PPJ will have something to wear, and otherwise I've been playing Sim City 4. We met my friend from work for dinner at our local Mexican place (salsa bar, yay!) so I didn't even cook dinner. I can't believe it's 8Pm and the weekend is about over.....

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I'm so glad that went well. It sounds like you had a great day.

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