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The Mad Mermaid
For some reason, I spent all my spare time last week sleeping. Then I tried to relax further by playing TS3 all weekend, which worked out well. However, then dreaded Daylights Savings Time struck, and even though I got a lot of rest last week, I am now exhausted and sleeping in all my spare time. Which isn't as much as last week, since it was spring break for my sister, so she didn't need to be driven to classes a lot. D:

I feel like I never update, and as soon as I started typing, PPJ said, "I want computer. Yo Gabba Gabba." This translates to, "Give me your damn computer, mom, because I want to get on the Yo Gabba Gabba website RIGHT NOW!" So I am going to give in because I need to go back to sleep now anyway. Hopefully everyone is well out there.


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